Scholar Medical Publication DIY by Harvard Medical Students

If, as F. Scott Fitzgerald is reported to have said, action is character, then the current crop of Harvard medical students are impressive characters. Amid all the din about who controls publication, open access and shortening the loop between academia  and public dissemination, a small group of determined individuals have just come out with their premiere issue of Harvard Medical Student Review. Considerable forethought, extensive deliberations with HMS leadership and creative talent have produced what is likely to become an authoritative voice for medical students and those interested in medical education and science.  In the words of the student publishers themselves:

Today we are introducing the Harvard Medical Student Review, an online journal that will serve as a forum for students to participate in the conversations on healthcare and medicine. Our classmates here and around the world come from innumerable backgrounds, rich in thought-provoking experiences; we have much to share. Topics may range from research to reflections on training and experiences with patients. We hope that through writing and reflection, we can spark productive debate, generate innovation, and learn from one another at the beginning of our professional education and careers.
As members of the medical community, we have a duty to review the facts and communicate the truth with clarity, precision, and humanity. In his address at the 2012 Harvard Medical School commencement ceremony, Dr. Don Berwick called upon new physicians to wield their voices proudly in carrying out this duty, as each voice “can be loud, and forceful, and confident, and will be trusted.” [2] The Harvard Medical Student Review is a space for students, trainees, and professionals to answer that call.
We hope you will join us.

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Great to see this live! And it looks impressive.