Get yourself or your post-doc in the 21st century.

For those of you engaged in genome-scale studies but not completely up to speed in Bioconductor and R. This very short course will be "conducted" by one of the leaders of the Bioconductor project (Vince Carey). Thanks to Vince, this short course is free of charge but you do have to register.

Statistical computing for genome-scale biology:
An introduction to R and Bioconductor 2.2
When: 27 and 29 May from 1230pm to 3pm.
Countway Medical Library: 4th floor
This course is intended to acquaint biologists and bioinformaticians with principles and methods of computing with genome-scale experimental data using Bioconductor 2.2. Registered students will have access to media for installing current packages used in the course. Topics to be covered on the first day include: high-level introduction to facilities for differential expression, gene sets, genetics of gene expression, measurement of CNV; sketch of the R 2.7 language and analysis environment; Bioconductor containers and annotation facilities. The second day will be devoted to case studies in differential expression, genetics of gene expression, analysis of CNV.

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