Libraries are going to the dogs

Yale Law School has gone for the full monty, so if your medicolegal liability is getting you down, we are pleased to present Cooper as a prescribed cure. Please observe the maximum dose of 30 minutes.


Many happy returns

This twitter feed of returns of items borrowed from the Countway Library provides a glimpse of the vibrant engagement of our community with the scholarship of the present and past. These include The Anatomy of madness : essays in the history of psychiatry, Calories don't count by Herman Taller, Tachycardias--mechanisms, diagnosis, treatment, and Observed brain dynamics by Partha Mitra. One could presume that these were not all borrowed by the same patron, but if they were, what questions were they asking?


Stuffed full of information

That bird rendered by taxidermy in a museum is not only of visual interest. This report by an enterprising undergraduate points to some unexpected public health insights gleaned from the feathers of these museum specimens about the trajectory over centuries of mercury contamination in seabirds. Perhaps needless to say, this could not be done with a purely virtual collection.