Many happy returns

This twitter feed of returns of items borrowed from the Countway Library provides a glimpse of the vibrant engagement of our community with the scholarship of the present and past. These include The Anatomy of madness : essays in the history of psychiatry, Calories don't count by Herman Taller, Tachycardias--mechanisms, diagnosis, treatment, and Observed brain dynamics by Partha Mitra. One could presume that these were not all borrowed by the same patron, but if they were, what questions were they asking?

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gosha said...

A note on the Twitter feed and confidentiality:

We take the privacy of the users of our libraries seriously. The
information released through the Twitter returns feed has been
randomized in order to prevent the identification of
those who checked the items out: 1. This stream records which items
have been checked back into the library. Check-ins occur in naturally
semi-randomized series. 2. All notifications are delayed at least 24
hours before being tweeted. 3. Within any day's worth of check-ins,
the items have been thoroughly randomized so that the tweet stream
reflects no meaningful temporal sequence.

Joshua Parker, Countway Access Services Librarian